Most cookbook stands are big and take up a lot of counter space, even when they are not in use. Tablet and iPad stands for the kitchen are limited to only be useful with that device. Well, the compact, multi-functional kitchen 'Stand' changes all of that...

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standout2Stand Out With the Perfect Kitchen Accent.

Stand captures the timeless beauty of natural and woven materials unlike any other material on the market in a gorgeous and functional accent for your kitchen. With so many eye-catching material options it's the perfect kitchen tool to complement and complete the design of any style kitchen. So whether you're a Foodie, a casual cook, or a true chef you can start cooking, in style.


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Works with iPads, Tablets, and Cookbooks.

Stand is functional with a variety of recipe platforms, whether you're new age or old school. Stand's unique shape allows it to work with iPads, Tablets, and almost all Cookbooks. With a compact, sleek, attractive design it's an accent that you'll want to feature in your kitchen, not just hide in a drawer or a corner.


1417181615_Recycle 2Care for the Environment by Taking a Stand.

Made from the award-winning 3form Varia Ecoresin, Stand is constructed of a specially-formulated co-polyester resin that combines performance with environmental responsibility and sheer beauty. Each Stand incorporates 40% pre-consumer recycled content and is compatible with one of the largest post-consumer recycle streams available.



We Hand-Make Your Stand. One at a Time.

Your Stand will be crafted one at a time by our skilled craftsmen. Both the materials and the finished product are made by hand. This ensures that your Stand is crafted with flare and precision, with a character all its own.



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Stand for Something Good.

Our company was started with the intent to serve and do good for others, and will always be at the heart of our objectives. That's why with every purchase, we'll make a donation to a local Food Bank. With each item purchased you will provide over $20 in food and services to those in need! So with you're willingness to support us, we're going to 'pay it forward' and support someone else too. Together we can 'Stand Up' and make a difference.


1417181417_Internet-Real 2 Let's Stand Together.

There are lots of people on this planet so more than ever it's critical that responsible people can choose responsible products. That's why Stand's raw materials are produced at a Zero Waste to Landfill Facility, which has a commitment to continually reduce their overall environmental footprint toward the ultimate goal of total sustainability. Plus our Structured Bamboo product is part of 3form's Full Circle Program, which provides economic and literacy opportunities for struggling artisans in many different parts of the world.

 Double Your Satisfaction Guarantee

We 'stand' behind our product (pun intended), so much that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 60 days we will not only provide you with a full refund of the purchase price, WE ALSO will make a $50 donation to the Food Bank philanthropy in your honor. So you can feel even better knowing that someone else was helped by you giving our product a try. 

That's our Double Your Satisfaction Guarantee!