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Amazing Soft Pretzel Rolls My wife came across this great recipe from Mel's Kitchen Cafe (one of our favorite recipe sites) and I will confirm Mel's tile of "Amazing" to be true.  We used them for sandwiches initially but the rest were quickly consumed as both midnight and mid-morning snacks. Check out the recipe at the following link.

By far the kitchen is where our family spends most of our time. Not only because we love to cook and eat but because it is an open area that is in the center of our house. In fact one of the reasons we bought our house is because it had a great open kitchen. The one draw back is that it is pretty dated. In fact our stove has these raised solid metal heating elements which I've never seen anywhere else. So the one thing I've always wanted to do is remodel our kitchen. Give it an update and better utilize the space, thus I'm always interested in seeing what the latest is in kitchen layouts and looks. I recently came across the site and really like how they've simply broken out the different design styles and they have a great 'Inspiration Gallery' that makes me green with envy.

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Over the last several months this site has become our family's first stop for recipe ideas. Originally we came across Mel's while looking for some good healthy dinner options but we've also found that healthy can still be delicious! And although it may not fall into the traditional 'health' category, you've got to check out the Brookies recipe.  Personally I think you can call it a healthy option since you can take care of the cookie and the brownie craving in one treat, rather than having to grab one of each.