FAQ and Product Tips


*Since Stand utilizes stunning natural materials to create our product, interlayers may change in appearance over time. Natural materials are also subject to inherent inconsistency in color, texture and shape.

*Since each Stand is formed by hand it is subject to some variation in shape, gauge, and skew; but each item is reviewed by our quality control team before being sent out.

*Stand is designed to works with iPads and Tablets in which ever orientation you like, portrait or landscape mode. See our video for a demonstration.


Product Tips:

TIP: Interlayers have a tendency to wick moisture if the edges become wet, so it is recommended to NEVER immerse or saturate with water. If your Stand needs to be cleaned we recommend using a damp soft cloth to spot clean as needed.

TIP: Most recipes and cookbooks will work with the standard centered position. However when using a recipe towards the front or end of a large cookbook you may need to try and use the offset position. This is done by taking a portion of the book, opposite of where your recipe is located (so if your recipe is at the front of the book, you will be taking a portion of the back of the book), and putting the Stand in position. Then you will take another portion of the book and rest or overlap the pages on top of the Stand. See video and pictures below for additional details.

Standard Centered Position

 FAQ Cookbook Center






Offset Position - The base part of the Stand will be sandwiched between two portions of the book, opposite of where the recipe you're using is located.

1. Insert the Stand in the portion of the book opposite where you recipe is (in other words if your recipe is at the front then insert the Stand towards the back of the book).

2. Then overlap the pages of the rest of the book on top of the base portion of the Stand.

3. Adjust or slide the Stand  towards the center as needed so that the book is stable.

FAQ Cookbook Offset 2

FAQ Cookbook Offset 3

FAQ Cookbook Offset










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