Stand’s Story

"Create. Because there are still things to be made."
I wouldn't consider myself someone with a lot of passions in life. Although there are definitely things I like and that I feel like I have a knack for. 

For one I really like taking things and finding another use for them. Whether it be a piece of sandstone carved to be a picture frame or some leftover tile being used as an impromptu cookie sheet; I really like seeing new things come to life.

Another thing I really like is cooking. I am not a great chef by any means but the process and challenge of combining individual ingredients to create something that is 'better together' just speaks to my soul. It was the combining of these two hobbies that lead to the creation of Stand.


Picture of the original 'Stand', made with a scrap piece of material.

While working at a company that makes incredible and stunning resin materials I occasionally had the opportunity to bring some scrap pieces home, which would make their way into the occasional project.

One day, with an craving to create something, I decided that I needed to have a cookbook stand. With a small piece of material I had on hand and 345 degree oven I went to work. After things cooled down, I proudly displayed my new creation prominently on our kitchen counter.

After awhile I noticed that my wife was using it almost everyday while preparing meals and that it worked not only with her cookbooks but her iPad too. It dawned on me that not only was it a really cool hand crafted piece I had made but that it had a lot of functionality too.

My parents have always been a great example of service, particularly to me and my new family, but also to countless others. I think at least a little of that has rubbed off and become a part of who I am, so another key factor in starting Stand was to have an element that could give back to others. So I am also very proud to know that each item sold provides help to a food bank that continually works to bless the lives of so many.

The combination of functionality as well as the beauty and joy of creation are two things that I try to bring into every Stand we make, which is why each one is still hand made one at a time. The only difference is that this time it will be prominently displayed in your kitchen.
- Nicholas

Developer and Craftsman